Working as a One-man band, I execute each task from the filming to the editing & post-production.

Brand film for ferm LIVING.


Kitchen design UP by Lendager Group, for Reform.


Food workshop for kindergarden kids :)


The obvious way to deliver natural wines in Copenhagen! 


Music video for Jacob Anderskov’s RESONANCE - 8th Avenue Tranquility. Directed, filmed & edited by me and Lasse Lindsteen.


A portrait of jazz artist Joel Illerhag, who built his own sarangi-inspired bass. Sound mix by Beatroot Studio.


Artisanal cider makers, "Æblerov" launched their new season with lots of great drinks and happy people!


Danish sports and cultural organisation DGI, presents a new initiative to keep elderly people active. Sound mix by Beatroot Studio.


Copenhagen busses are switching to electricity - sending good vibrations throughout the city! Sound mix by BEATROOT STUDIO, additional photo by Lasse Lindsteen, Band: Three Chords and the Truth


Travel into the strange and claustrophobic world of designer Katharina Buczek. Made in collaboration with Alexandra Stroemich. Sound design by Beatroot Studio. Make-up and hair by Amalie Blomqvist.


How does one translate taste and smell into touch? Textile designer Martyna Golik investigates through her project, "Touch That Taste!". Food by Taller.